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20/05/2012 16:11
Thank you for joining the workshop!  I uploaded group photos and photos at the party.


17/05/2012 21:50
One poster presentation was added to the poster session and the participant list was updated.  Hope this is the final update...


17/05/2012 10:24
Participant list and Program are updated.  See you tomorrow!


11/05/2012 14:58
Poster presentations and the participant list were updated.

Some updates

11/05/2012 00:36
The registration fee for graduate students, poster presentations, and the participant list were updated.

Room 5B

24/04/2012 16:51
The meeting room is 5B, not 5A.

Annular Solar Eclipse

24/04/2012 00:24
A link to the information of the annular solar eclipse in Japan on the morning of May 21 was added.

Meeting room

23/04/2012 08:59
Room 5A (5th floor) of the TKP Tokyo Sta. Buisness Center will be used for the workshop.

Updated talk titles and link

22/04/2012 07:59
Talk titles were updated.  A link to Hotel Metropolican Marunouchi was added.

Website open

20/04/2012 12:27
The workshop website is open!
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